Live U.S. Based Operator

Our telephone receptionists are located strictly within the continental U.S. and answer all calls professionally with a greeting of your choice. Messages can be sent via text, email, and fax, or can be called to you.

Emergency/On-Call Dispatch

As a 24/7 service, we are able to dispatch emergency or on-call messages at any time of day, including holidays. You choose how and to whom those messages are communicated.

Message Reports

Reports can be sent to a number of email addresses at your company’s discretion. One such report details messages taken and/or dispatched. All messages are date and time-stamped with any dispatch notes, and show the number or email address they were sent to. 


Our services are customized to your needs

How we answer your calls and dispatch your messages is at the discretion of your business. After the initial creation of your account, you are able to update any information as needed.  If calls are dispatched, you have the ability to provide us with an on-call calendar to ensure your information stays up-to-date throughout your company’s schedule or shift changes. Messages can be sent via text, email, and fax, or can be called, to a number of recipients, giving you solutions that work best for your specific company.



We are always open, so you don’t have to be

We are open 24/7, holidays included, to ensure your customers always receive a friendly, professional greeting of your choice. You will never have to miss an important call again!




Over 35 Years Experience Across Industries

Answering Connections was founded over 35 years ago, giving us the experience your company can trust. Our clients range from funeral homes, law offices, and medical clinics to apartment complexes, service businesses, and one-person companies. Regardless of your industry, Answering Connections will keep you connected to your customers 24/7.