Regardless of your industry, Answering Connections can keep you connected. Find some examples of the industries we service below.


Service Industries

We understand customers drive your business. Electricians, plumbers, mechanics, IT, HVAC and other technical occupations require your full attention to the client at hand. With our answering services, your customers won’t need to call your competitors.

City, County, State, and Federal Offices

We understand emergencies don’t just occur during business hours. We are experienced with the 24/7 needs of government agencies, rural water districts, security, and other offices. Answering Connections is the service you can trust. 



Do you need to be contacted for emergencies after hours? Let us screen your calls so you receive the urgent messages right away, leaving the rest for your next business day.



Whether you are at court or with a client, never miss an opportunity to gain new business. With our answering services, we can be your receptionist or back up the one you have to ensure no matter the time of day or night, your calls are answered.


One-Person Companies/Small Businesses

Are you always on the go or can work from anywhere? Let us be your receptionist. We can keep you updated with your messages no matter where you are. 


Specific departments

An answering service may not be needed across your company, but could be utilized for one or more specific departments. We understand the complex business needs of larger companies, and are able to create custom templates and solutions specific to you.

Property Management/Apartment Complexes/Commercial Buildings

Whether you have a small or large apartment complex, rental homes, commercial buildings or industrial sites, we have solutions to meet your needs. We have the ability to dispatch emergencies, and we can either hold non-emergency messages until the next business day or we can send them immediately. At your request, we can also give you a detailed report of any issues that occurred at your property with documentation of the employee that was dispatched for the call. 

Funeral Homes

In your business, empathy and understanding are key. Our friendly receptionists will care for your customers 24/7, and can send you emergencies at any time of day or night.  All funeral arrangements are kept on hand so we can relay upcoming service information to friends and family. 


Answering Connections is experienced across all industries. The industries listed on this page encompass some of our clients, but it is not a comprehensive list. We also answer for Fortune 500 companies, insurance agents, real estate agents, data centers, and any other businesses that either need us to be their receptionist, or need us to back up their receptionist. With our custom solutions, we are the right answering service for your business needs.