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Why Answering Connections?

Answering Connections is a Tulsa based answering service with over 35 years of experience across all industries. We are proud to be rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and are HIPAA compliant.

Whether you own a small or large business, let us ensure your customers are greeted with a personal touch. Answering Connections offers you customized solutions to the needs of your particular business.

Our services will keep you connected, 24/7, allowing you to retain your customers, grow your business, and take well-deserved time away.


Personal Receptionist

Our phone operators answer your calls with your company name or a greeting of your choice, conveying the impression of a receptionist. Our professional and friendly interactions with your customers give your company a personal touch that voicemails or call centers cannot achieve.


Custom Solutions

As a 24/7 service, you choose when to forward your phone to us, or when to answer it yourself. Our services are custom built for you, so whether you want your messages texted, emailed, faxed, or called to you, we are the solution to any of your needs.


Competitive Pricing

Receive outstanding service for a competitive price. Pricing starts at $85 per month, with no setup fees or contracts required. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss prices for your particular business needs.

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